The Invisible Garment by Connie Kaplan – Principle 8: Goodness

I remember seeing a story on the news a few years ago. A young boy had fallen into the gorilla habitat at a zoo. The fall apparently knocked him unconscious. His parents and a crowd gathered round watched, holding their breath as the female gorilla approached the child. To everyone’s amazement, rather than harming him as they feared, she picked him up tenderly, and took him into her living quarters where she tended him until the zoo keepers (with whom she was familiar) came to take him. Who among us watched that story without shedding just a few sweet tears? I wondered, if she hadn’t known and trusted the zoo keepers who came for the boy, would she fiercely have protected him? Did we anthropomorphize the gorilla, projecting human maternal qualities onto her? Or did we simply bear witness to Goodness, emerging in the animal kingdom? I think it was the latter. I think when we see Goodness, it moves us to the core of our being. Perhaps more than any other principle, it reminds us of who we are.
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About Connie Kaplan

May I introduce myself to you? I want you to know the “ordinaries” of my life because I want you to know who is offering these teachings to you!

I was born Connie Cockrell on December 16, 1948 (at 10:45 AM in Lamesa, Texas for you astrologers.) My name is now Connie Kaplan. I am married to a wonderful man, Vic Kaplan, and we live in Los Angeles.

I hold an undergraduate degree in English, a Master of Arts in Radio, Television and Film Production, a second Master of Arts in psychology, and a Doctorate of Ministry.

Raised in Texas as a minister's daughter, spirituality has always been an important foundation for my life. I spent twenty-five years actively involved in traditional religion. In my mid-twenties, I began to explore other spiritual systems. However, as a career choice, I went into television production. I spent fifteen years working as a free lance script supervisor and then an associate director. In my early thirties, I had reached what every American woman might rightly call the American Dream. I was married to a wonderful man – a television executive producer. I had a healthy, beautiful daughter, a great house in a great neighborhood, and an enviable career that offered plenty of options for time off to be a mom.

In 1986 I was suddenly struck with a mysterious virus which rendered me almost helpless for about two years. During this time, unable to work and incapable of handling normal life circumstances, I experienced a profound spiritual transformation which altered not only my inner experience of life, but my outer expression of life. While I slept life away, I dreamed myself awake.

Since the early nineties, when I returned to the "normal" world, I have devoted my life to teaching others what I learned (and continue to learn) from this mystical awakening. I teach dreaming as a spiritual practice. I counsel with modern day mystics. I nurture the birth of that same awakening in everyone I encounter.