Lexigrams – A Key To Understanding & Enlightenment – Part 1

Welcome aboard the StarLightning Express, a thought train of Loving lights traveling in concert with the words your eyes are soon to see. WORDS….. Form the moment we are born, we learn to start taking them for granted. Thoughout our childhood words are thrust at us from every quarter: from school, from books, from television …
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About William Schive

In 1987, Will Schive read the book, 'Linda Goodman's Star Signs', and Chapter 8 on Lexigrams so moved him in its implications that he began to research the Lexigram to disprove its validity. Twelve years later he is close to completing the results of his research, which he plans to publish in a book entitled, 'Letters Let Seer See.'

Letters Let Seer See - which, as you can see, can be spelled out using just those letters that create the word LETTERS - proves over and over again that the words we choose to speak, write, hear and read are encoded with their own inner truths. The art and science of the Lexigram unlocks that code. Having rendered over 2000 words of the English language into Word Arts, Will is now involved in sharing these 'revealings' with the world. He has established Good Works On Earth as a non-profit group to support the efforts required to share this work with others. Good Works On Earth's first t-shirts are now available which share the healing messages in the Word Arts of VIOLENT http://www.goodworksonearth.org/violent.html and VIOLENCE http://www.goodworksonearth.org/violence.html . You can visit Good Works On Earth and see more of this work at: http://www.goodworksonearth.org You can e-mail Will at lexigram@goodworksonearth.org