Human Design – Discovering Who You Are Part 2 By Chetan Parkyn

During my 21 years of reading for people, I have encountered many who have had readings from other sources prior to their readings with me. Often, I would be challenged with statements indicating that I was required to fulfill or confirm something that the person had been told by another reader. It became apparent to me that some people were 'frozen' in their life, expecting or waiting for something that had been predicted to happen to them. This was a pattern that appeared all too frequently, and which I did my utmost to readjust in my clients' psyches. Yes, some events are certain, but, no, the mind cannot grasp their full significance and need not be weighted by expectation. Destinations are wonderful, but the journey is the point. How you are in your journey through life is what brings the essence to being alive. Human Design shows you how to adore being yourself.
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