Feng Shui for Lightworkers – Part 1

In the first part of his series of articles exploring the world of Feng Shui for Lightworkers, Stanley Bartlett explains the background to his journey from businessman to Feng Shui Master, and explains something about the fundamental principles of this 4000 year old art. Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) teaches us how to create healthy …
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About Stanley Bartlett

Stanley Bartlett was in business for 20 years as National Accounts Manager-Union Carbide Corp, Lead Industrial Broker- Coldwell Banker Co, General Manager- Fischer of America, President- Carlson Real Estate Commercial Services, and as the President/Owner of Bartlett Group, Inc.

Stanley's company, Bartlett Designs, provides Harmonious Design Services using Feng Shui to help individuals and businesses create harmonious environments, and also also distributes Feng Shui products by mail order to people in all walks of life.

Upon reaching key leadership positions in business it became clear to Stanley that there was more to achieve in life. Insight then showed that his mission was to work with the environment to help create harmony and balance through the teachings of Feng Shui. He has studied Feng Shui with world famous Chinese Feng Shui Master, Professor Lin Yun, which triggered remembrances of other time frames when he had done this work before. The remembrance enables him to channel solutions to environmental imbalances that might not be obvious to most.

A Natural Healer, Stanley integrates hands on healing with environmental healing, thereby allowing for powerful change by bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. His lectures and teachings have been given internationally in person, on TV, Radio, and in front of groups of all sizes. Notable appearances include the United Nations in New York, and Chronicle on Channel 5 T.V.