Crafting a Magical Life By Carol Holaday – Excerpt 2 Your Manifesting Map

Crafting a Magical Life Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through Creative Projects BY CAROL HOLADAY Featured Project #2 MAGICAL TRAVEL ALTAR VISUALIZATION HAS LONG BEEN an important part of meditation and manifesting. Being able to picture something in your mind is helpful in focusing your intent towards making it come true. Some people are very adept at …
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About Carol Holaday

CAROL HOLADAY was born in Lubbock, TX on February 20th, 1957 and shares her family tree with the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, through her great grandmother Edna Brown. A 1988 graduate of Texas Tech University and certified teacher, artist and writer, Carol has long been interested in the magical aspects of folk craft traditions, particularly those that involve crystals and minerals, and has written many articles on the spiritual and magical uses of crystals and stones. She lives in San Diego, California where she writes, edits, and teaches spiritual and metaphysical classes on a monthly basis. Her book Crafting a Magical Life: Manifesting your Heart’s Desire through Creative Projects is available from