A Heart Fully Open

“Beloveds, When you listen for our voices and for the communications we place on your paths, you give us the opportunity to tell you once again how very much we love you. We are here to assist you on your way each moment of your lives. Each and every one of you has been walking …
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About Catherine Kasper

Catherine Kasper first met her Angels when she was less than a year old. She saw balls of light that seemed to be woven into her favorite blanket. They talked with her often and reminded her of Home. As she grew, Catherine's Angels stayed with her, speaking through her favorite toys. Later on, they sat by her left shoulder in the form of balls of light and whispered explanations of the things she was experiencing. Today, they are simply here, she says, constantly with her, comfortable as old teddy bears, and she speaks with them daily. Catherine has been an educator for nearly 25 years. In her job as an Elementary School Art Teacher and Library/Media Specialist, she teaches over 500 students a week to access Spirit.